6 Uses Of A Mother’s Breast Milk

Breast feeding brings the mother and child closer to each other. Most doctors recommend mothers to breast feed up to two years of age to maximize the benefits to the child.  The child can get much nutritional value and the family can enjoy the breast milk too. Here are some ways on how breast milk is used for overall health:

It can be used to treat an ear problem

Breast milk can be used to treat ear infections from 6-18 months of age. A natural way to treat an ear issue in adults or babies is to put the milk into the ear canal. Three to four drops of milk can greatly help the baby’s ear canal and in adults the antibodies are found to destroy the diseases in the ear.

Use as an eye treatment

Breast milk is often used by mothers to treat viral, bacterial and allergic reactions. If you have an issue with producing the milk for the pink eye use a warm breastfeeding therapy to enhance the milk production. A probiotic nonacid liquid is used to treat pink eye too.  Remember to use the breast milk for your baby’s eye infection. You can use two to three drops of breast milk in addition to a clear eye drop which will get rid of your infection in no time. The milk can be used to treat pinkeye in mothers too. If you do not have any contact solution you can use breast milk as lens solution.

Use it for your sore throat

The breast milk can soothe your sore throat and your newborn’s too. You can give some breast milk for your baby’s sore throat and if nothing works take the baby to the local pediatrician.

Breast milk as an ointment

You can use breast milk if you have an itching sensation in your body as you can then disinfect the area with breast milk. A small drop of milk to the area will heal the wound. The antibodies can also help prevent germs from developing on the area. Warm breastfeeding therapy can also be used to minimize the swelling of your breasts which can be due to the over production of milk.

Use it as a facial cleanser

You can use breast milk as a facial cleanser which is cost efficient too. According to research the lauric acid present in the milk can help treat spots and acne. You can use breast milk as an acne solution but first wash your face and then slather on a thin layer of milk all over the area. Remember to wipe the milk with a gentle towel.e the milk to cook!

Shocked! Breast milk can be used in place of cow’s milk for coffee and cereal. The milk is also lethal to cancerous tumor cells which are known as Alpha Lactal Bumin. If you are the daring kind watch some YouTube videos or download the breast milk cheese recipe off the net for a nutritious healthy cheese which can be used on sandwiches and pasta.

Remember to use breast milk for your advantage as the benefits of the milk is greater than traditional cow or goat’s milk!